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Crop Life America "The More You Know the More You Grow"

CropLife America (CLA), advocates for and promotes the responsible use of innovative, safe and environmentally sound crop protection products (including herbicides, fungicides and insecticides) that are essential in the production of food, fiber and renewable or alternative fuels. CLA's vision is to increase awareness and advance policy that highlights the vital and necessary role of pesticides in protecting public health; enhancing our environment and biodiversity; and meeting the food and nutritional needs of billions of individuals. CLA provides legislative and regulatory advocacy, legal support and communications outreach so that our member companies can provide the agricultural products and technology that are behind our safe food supply, and that reduce risks from destructive pests and diseases. Visit

CropLife America (CLA), or the American Crop Protection Association (ACPA), is the national trade association that represents the manufacturers, formulators and distributors of pesticides. CLA’s member companies produce, sell and distribute virtually all of the vital and necessary crop protection and biotechnology products used by farmers, ranchers and landowners. The association is governed by a board of directors that guides and defines our strategic goals. Our offices are located in Washington, D.C.

CLA encourages all types of farming and farming practices and supports environmental policies that are based on sound science, best practices and maintain farmers and companies’ competitive advantage. Collaboration and transparency are critical to our work. On behalf of our members, we frequently engage with our nation’s leaders on Capitol Hill as well as federal, state and local regulatory agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in pursuit of common-sense policies and regulations.

The CropLife America (CLA) newsroom, provideds the latest CLA and industry updates, including news releases, events and testimonies.

Tell Me More is CropLife America’s educational program about the benefits of the crop protection industry, created especially for employees of CLA member companies. Tell Me More aims to educate employees about the crop protection industry and modern agriculture, to enhance worker pride and knowledge, and to increase comfort in speaking about the industry and issues surrounding it.

Through the materials found on this website, you can educate your colleagues, staff, local civic organizations, or even your next door neighbors with posters, fact sheets and more. So click through the website and check out the resources that you have right at your fingertips! Contact Sarah Macedo at with any suggestions or questions here.